Eco Certificados
ECO by Cosentino® is certified by different
international organizations
The product for the new Eco Era

Beautiful and ecological efficiency:

It's time to recycle and our environmental commitment is proven in products such as ECO by Cosentino®

Eco Componentes

Consumption of recycled material to produce ECO during the first year of production:

Consumption of glass
Equivalent to 65 million bottles.

Consumption of vitrified ash
Equivalent to a tower of 530m of height and base 10ft².

Consumption of mirror
Equivalent to 2 million mirrors of 39inc x 39inc.

Consumption of ceramics
Equivalent to 538195 ft² of ceramic tiles.



ECO by Cosentino® is available in a wide range of colors which are ideal for every design and decorative project, both for the home and commercial buildings.

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ECO by Cosentino® has been presented with prestigious international awards on several occasions, thanks to its environmental values and guidelines of sustainability.

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ECO by Cosentino® has been accredited by the following international certifications, which confirm the competence of Cosentino in designing a high-quality ecological product.

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Recyecology Community

Welcome to the community hub activities, ideas and thoughts for people interested in practical ways to take care of the planet.

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